The Administrative Department

The Adminstrative Department, run by Vice Chief Noah Shepperson and Adviser Nathaniel Lim, run much of the background work of the Lodge. The Administrative Department oversees 6 committees:

If you have any questions about the Administrative Department or would like to get involved, feel free to email the Administrative Department Vice Chief.

Training Committee

The Training Committee is in charge of organizing Lodge trainings throughout the year, especially the annual Lodge Leadership Development Training. Any trainings at other Lodge events, such as Conclave, Fellowships, or Ordeals, are also organized by the Training Committee. If you would like to have the Training Committee help organize a training at any other Scouting event, please email the Training Committee.

Leave No Trace Committee

Miwok Lodge is very dedicated to becoming a greener Lodge, and so we recently developed the Leave No Trace Committee to help us move in this direction. We are fortunate to have Jim Loweecey, a Master Trainer for the Leave No Trace program, as the committee Adviser, but we are still looking for a youth to Chair the committee! If you are interested, please email the Leave No Trace Committee!

Service Committee

As a service organization, it is important that we put a focus on service at our events throughout the year. As such, we have recently developed the Service Committee, whose job it is to organize the service projects that Miwok Lodge runs each year. If you would like to work with the Service Committee or get some help organizing a service project, feel free to email the Service Committee.

Unit Visitations Committee

The Unit Vistations Committee is responsible for organizing the OA Unit Vistations to the all Troops in Santa Clara County Council. This job is an enormous responsibility, and so it is delegated to many other people, especially at the Chapter level. If you would like to help with a Unit Visitation, please email the Unit Visitations Committee!! If you would like to sign your Troop up for a Unit Visitation, please visit the Unit Visitations webpage.

Camping Promotions Committee

Promoting camping and outdoor activities is one of the many responsibilities of the Order of the Arrow. There are many Troops that don't have the information, materials, or skills developed to go camping on a regular basis like a strong Troop should, and Miwok Lodge wants to help! When we have an opportunity, we go to Troops and promote various camping sites, gear, and skills. Between the hundreds of Arrowmen in the Lodge, we are an huge wealth of information, and we should be ready to help others in need of it! If you would like to help out with the Camping Promotions Committee, please email the Camping Promotions Committee! If you would like to set up an OA Unit Visitation to your Troop or Crew to talk about camping sites, gear, or skills, visit the Unit Visitation webpage.

- If you would like to see and/or contribute to our online database of camping sites, visit the Where to Go Camping Guide.

Records Committee

The Records Committee enters and maintains member data into the Lodge database. The Records Committee is run solely by an adult because of the sensitive nature of the information involved. The database that the Records Adviser maintains is the source of the Lodge email list, so contact the Records Adviser with any updates to your contact information.