Miwok Lodge Ceremonies Team

Welcome to the Miwok Lodge Ceremonies Team webpage. If you're looking to have the Ceremonies Team perform at an event, interested in joining the team, or are just curious to see what the team is about, you've come to the right place! If you have any questions about the Ceremonies Team that are not answered here, feel free to email the Ceremonies Committee.

Disclaimer: Use this form to submit a request for a ceremony. We may not be able to fulfill all requests, but we will let you know either way within 3 days of the request. If you do not get a response within 3 days, please send an email to the Lodge Adviser.
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Ceremonies are a very important part of the Order of the Arrow. As such, it is important that each Lodge has a Ceremonies Team that meets regularly and prepares for upcoming Ceremonies. The Miwok Lodge Ceremonies Team will meet regularly to practice ceremonies for the Lodge Ordeals and for any Cub Scout Crossover Ceremonies or Eagle Scout Ceremonies that they are requested to perform. They also occasionally meet to work on ceremonial regalia for their use. Interested in joining the Ceremonies Team? We'd love to have you on board! The only requirements to being on the Team are being able to show up to practices (usually once every month or two, more often right before an event) and being able to spend time memorizing lines.

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