Chief's Challenge

To my Brothers in Miwok Lodge-

As Lodge Chief of Miwok 439, I invite you to participate in our Council’s Order of the Arrow activities, as part of your chapter, in one of our Ordeals, competing at Conclave, or leading through service on the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC). The Order of the Arrow provides an unparalleled opportunity for leadership experience.

A major goal of my administration is to make the LEC something other than the shadowy overhead organization that tells chapters what they can and can’t do. It must be a governing body for arrowmen, by arrowmen. A small clique cannot run and participate in the Lodge; after a time, it will lose its talent and enthusiasm and fall into a spiraling decline. Such an end is not acceptable for our Lodge. I challenge you to participate in the Order of the Arrow, for those who chose you need you.

An LEC position is not a life sentence; it’s not a two-year commitment. Should you try a position and find you don’t like it, you can resign without a fear. I challenge you to try something in the Lodge. If you enjoy acting, writing, planning, communicating, selling, talking, or even wasting time, we can use you. We always need new blood!

If you’re interested in anything, don’t hesitate to email me at

Yours in Service,

-Sean Pfeifer
2012-2013 Miwok Lodge Chief