The Communications Department

The Communications Department, run by Vice Chief none and Adviser Eric Wilhelmsen, organizes and distributes the various means of communication throughout the Lodge. The Communications Department oversees 3 committees:

If you have any questions about the Administrative Department or would like to get involved, feel free to email the Communications Department Vice Chief.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is in charge of all physical communication from the Lodge: the quarterly Miwok Legend, the annual Miwok Planbook, and all event flyers. The Publications Committee is always looking for Arrowmen that are interested in writing an article, submitting an editorial, or helping out with the newsletter in other ways. If you are interested, please email the Publications Committee.

- To see some of our past publications, visit the Miwok Legend & Planbook webpage.

OA Unit Representative Committee

The OA Unit Representative Committee is in charge of recruiting and organizing OA Unit Representatives from each Troop and Crew in the Council, whose job it is to act as the liason between the Troop or Crew and Miwok Lodge. These Unit Reps are very important! They are the best way for Miwok Lodge to learn more about each of the units in our Council, for the Units to learn about OA events and activities, and for the unit and the Lodge to plan and conduct an OA Unit Visitation. This position also counts as a leadership position for rank advancement in most Troops! If you are an OA Unit Rep, make sure you go to all Chapter meetings and Lodge events, and encourage your Troopmates and Crewmates to come along with you! If you have any questions, feel free to email the OA Unit Representative Committee.

- To learn more about the OA Unit Rep position, check out the OA Unit Representative webpage.

Webmaster Committee

The Webmaster Committee in in charge of all electronic communications in the Lodge: updating and maintaining the Lodge website, maintaining the Lodge RSS Feed, and sending emails through the Lodge email system. If you have any questions or if you aren't getting emails from the Lodge, feel free to email the Webmaster Committee and they will add your information to the database!