The Inductions Department

The Inductions Department, run by Vice Chief Christian Heavner and Adviser Doug Wiley, organizes all Lodge events at which members are inducted into the Ordeal and Brotherhood Honors. The inductions Department oversees 4 committees and 1 sub-committee:

If you have any questions about the Inductions Department or would like to get involved, feel free to email the Inductions Department Vice Chief.

Ordeal Committee

The Ordeal Committee organizes and runs the Spring and Fall Ordeals. If you are interested in helping out with Ordeal planning or have a question about the planning process, please email the Ordeal Committee.

Elangomat-Nimat Committee

An Elangomat-Nimat, meaning Guide-Brother in the langauge of the Lenne Lenapi, is the Arrowman that guides each clan at Ordeals. Elangomats are a crucial part of the Ordeal because they guide the new candidates on a more personal level than anyone else. Ideally, an Elangomat-Nimat essentially goes through his Ordeal all over again with the new clan: sleeping under the stars, eating scant food, spending the day in thoughtful silence, and doing arduous labor for the Lodge. Through this experience, he gains a deeper understanding of the Ordeal and how it shapes the Arrowmen that go through it. If you would like to be an Elangomat-Nimat at an upcoming Ordeal, please email the Elangomat-Nimat Committee!

Brotherhood Committee

The Brotherhood Committee is responsible for helping Arrowmen of the Ordeal Honor reach the Brotherhood Honor. The Brotherhood Chairman will test you ("screen" you) at any event at which a Brotherhood Ceremony will take place. If you have any questions about the Brotherhood Honor, feel free to email the Brotherhood Committee.

- If you would like to see how to attain the Brotherhood Honor, please visit the Brotherhood Honor webpage.

Ceremonies Committee

The Ceremonies Committee runs the Lodge Ceremonies Team. It is responsible for organizing Ceremonies Team practices, responding to requests for ceremonies, and general maintainance of the team. If you have any questions, please email the Ceremonies Committee!

- If you would like the Lodge Ceremonies Team to perform a Crossover ceremony for your Pack, Troop, or Eagle Scout Ceremony, or if you would like to join the Lodge Ceremonies Team, visit the Ceremonies Team page.

Ceremonies Grounds Sub-Committee

The Ceremonies Grounds Sub-Committee is responsible for clearing and setting up the ceremony grounds before any ceremony that the Lodge Ceremonies Team performs. If you would like to help out with the Ceremonies Grounds team, feel free to email the Ceremonies Grounds Sub-Committee.