Founder's Award &
Silver Fox Award Recipients of Miwok Lodge

Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is a National Order of the Arrow award meant to honor and recognize those Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to the Lodge. It is reserved for Arrowmen who memorialize in their everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by OA founder E. Urner Goodman. The award is presented to two Arrowmen, one youth and one adult, each year at the Lodge Banquet after having been selected at the March Lodge Executive Committee meeting.

Youth Recipient Adult Recipient
1993 - Dave Okamura
1994 Josh Souza Emile Mestressat
1995 John Pozniak Ken Schott
1996 Brian Bond Mike Sanders
1997 Mike Silveria Jim Hill
1998 Jason Varrellmann Rick Silveria
1999 Tommy Keswick Frank Diaz
2000 Donald Gagliasso Ken Bower
2001 Aaron Keeley Dan Bobier
2002 Brian Therault Jamie Rogers
2003 Marcus Granger Chuck Guthery
2004 Andrew Kao Tom Lackovic
2005 Jeremy White Ron Schoenmehl
2006 Sam Shepperson David Low
2007 Wesley Lucas Bill Flood
2008 Chandler Cord Kevin Pung

Silver Fox Award

The Silver Fox Award is an award created by Miwok Lodge. It is presented to the Miwok Lodge Arrowmen, youth or adult, who has best served the Lodge for the year. The individual is selected annually at the March Lodge Executive Committee Meeting and the award is presented at the Lodge Banquet. The only Arrowmen that is ineligible to receive the Silver Fox Award is the current Lodge Chief.

1984 Jim Moncrieff
1985 Scott Jackson
1986 Jim Moncrieff
1986 Mike Jolley
1987 Ken Schott
1988 Don Andrews
1989 ?
1990 ?
1991 ?
1992 Geoff Andrews
1993 Fred Corey
1994 Josh Souza
1995 Mike Silveria
1996 David O'Dell
1997 Bill Murray II
1998 Tommy Keswick
1999 Brian Bond
2000 Aaron Keeley
2001 John Pozniak
2002 Marcus Granger
2003 Dave Okamura
2004 Emile Mestressat
2005 Kevin Therault
2006 Sam Shepperson
2007 Erik Polyak
2008 Bill Flood