Tindeuchen Chapter

Tindeuchen Chapter Chief: Naeem Mannan (email)
Tindeuchen Chapter Adviser: Dexter Tahara (email)
Tindeuchen Program Vice Chief: still looking for one!
Tindeuchen Communications Vice Chief: Anhduy Khong (email)
Tindeuchen Administrative Vice Chief: Jude Valdez (email)
Tindeuchen Finance Vice Chief: Khalsa Gurbhej (email)

Tindeuchen Chapter meets the 2nd Thursday of each month from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM at the LDS Church at 3060 Patt Avenue in San Jose. Tindeuchen Chapter serves Coyote Creek District, but all Arrowmen are invited to attend Chapter Meetings. OA Unit Reps should come to every meeting to make sure that they know what's happening in the Lodge.

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Tindeuchen Chapter Meeting location:
3060 Patt Avenue, San Jose.