OA Unit Visitations

** Sign up for an OA Unit Visitation to your Troop! **

Miwok Lodge visits Troops throughout the Council for a variety of reasons:

Troops may decide which of these topics they wish to be discussed at their OA Unit Visitations.

We encourage each Troop to have an OA Unit Visitation at least once per year. Scouts that are nominated to join the Order of the Arrow by their Troop must go through the OA Ordeal before the end of that calendar year, or they must be nominated again the next year.

Miwok Lodge typically offers 2 Ordeals per year: one in early June and one in September. To maximize the chances of a Scout being able to attend at least one Ordeal before his nomination expires, we encourage Troops to hold their OA Unit Election between January and April each year.

SCOUTMASTERS: Please prepare a list of Scouts (including home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers) that are eligible for nomination into the Order of the Arrow before the Unit Visitations Team arrives. Scouts are eligible for nomination if:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Unit Visitations Chairman.