The Unit Representative Program

The Order of the Arrow Unit Representative program is designed to improve communication between the Lodge and the Troops that we serve. This communication should go in both directions:
  1. The OA Unit Representative should be informing his Troop of upcoming Chapter meetings and Lodge events. He should also be attending these meetings and events, and then giving reporting to his Troop how they went and important information that he learned at them.

  2. The OA Unit Representative should also be reporting to his Chapter about the needs of his Troop: what outings his Troop has that conflicts with OA events, when his Troop would like to hold an OA Unit Visitation, and any other information that his Troop wishes the Chapter or Lodge to know about.
The OA Unit Representative position fulfills the leadership requirement for rank advancement. If you would like to sign up to be the OA Unit Representative for your Troop or if you have any questions about the OA Unit Representative program, please email the OA Unit Representative Chairman.